Probate Administration

Merriman Law Office can assist you with both litigation and administration matters in the Probate Court.

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

Probate Administration involves the post death management and transfer of assets according to an estate plan or the state laws of intestate succession. In short, it deals with the distribution of assets after someone passes away. Probate administration involves complex considerations and decisions that are often not apparent to the executor, personal representative, beneficiaries of the estate or the family in general. The person acting as personal representative or executor has many legal responsibilities that go well beyond what is set forth in a Will. For example, providing notice to unknown creditors. It is critical to obtain the advice and counsel of a competent professional to ensure that the estate is administered properly, and to guard against personal liability of the executor or personal representative.

All too often the failure to recognize, understand and carry out legal requirements is the source of intense litigation that squanders and delays the distribution of a family member’s assets. Merriman Law Office will provide a detailed description of what is required by the law to open, manage, distribute and close a decedent’s estate. We will provide unbiased counsel during a difficult and emotional time, and will assist you in handling all aspects of the administration of a decedent’s estate.